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How Teenagers are recruited by County Line Gangs

I saw first hand, how teenagers were recruited and exploited by a gang of County Line drug dealers.

In this post, I am going to explain exactly what I witnessed, in an effort to prevent more teenagers falling prey to these gangs.

County Line gangs are very specific in what teenagers are recruited. These teenagers have to be vulnerable to exploitation. The gangs prey on teenagers that;

  1. Are from broken families. Promising the teenager a new family as part of the gang.

  2. Are being bullied at school. Promising the teenager a fearful new reputation, which will put an end to being bullied.

  3. Have no money. Promising the teenager new designer clothes, rather than hand me downs.

  4. Run away from children's homes and foster care. Catching the teenager mid panic, when reality is dawning that they have nowhere to go.

These County Line gangs hone in on teenagers with problematic circumstances, and give them a solution.

Once the promise of a solution has been given, these teenagers are falling over themselves with gratitude. Blind to the fact that they are being manipulated and exploited. Their sole focus is on the promise being dangled in front of them; a promise they always seem to be chasing, yet never quite catching up with.

Don't overlook the teenagers that you believe are safe from these County Line gangs.

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