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How dare they

For eight God forsaken months I was imprisoned in my own home by a gang of drug dealers that forcefully gained entry to my property and took over to use it as their base to deal drugs from.

They never had customers come to my home, they went out to meet them. They never bagged up in my home, they didn’t include me in their criminal activity, pay me in any way or give away any information into their heirachy and where they bought their drugs from, or what their real identities were.

I got six chances in 8 months to beg for help through Crimestoppers. I got no response. No fucking help.

Come September when they had all about dispersed and found another victims property to use, the police raided MY property. They arrested ME. I was charged for possession in the end.

Then I get asked by the police to put my life on the line and snitch. With great promises of how i’d be protected and no answers to why on earth my testimony as a drug addict with severe mental health issues would be taken seriously. I couldnt do it. The information I had was minimal. The risk was too great. Their promises too weak.

Then yesterday afternoon BANG. My front door gets put through by the same team of officers who originally arrested their victim rather than the criminals 5 months ago.

I was arrested for concern in the supply of drugs. I am ill. I was dragged into custody. Collapsed twice. Taken to hospital twice. Twenty hours later declared medically unfit and waved off. No paperwork stating whether I was under investigation, going to be re arrested. Nothing. And in the twenty odd hours they dragged me from custody to hospital and back again- twice. My grandfather passed away and I was not able to be at his bedside. I came home to an eviction notice. I lost my granddad, my home, my dignity and my mind.

I have fucking had it with the police. They have treat me like shit. They have put me through 8 more months of hell on top of the 8 months of hell I was subject to by the gang of drug dealers. Who are by the way- still drug dealing.

I am going public with my story. I am complaining to the IOPC. I am never going to forgive my local police force for the trauma they have made me endure. I am out of my mind suicidal. I am homeless and numb with grief. I am physically sick, skin and bones. Too weak to walk. I am done.

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