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I’ve been trying to stop my landlord from evicting me since being arrested again.

The police rang my landlord about the raid which is bad enough. But he’s just told me they also advised him to evict me and ensure I don’t continue living in the property.

I’m fucking FUMING.

Yes it’s true it’s a shitty area I live in, and people seem to constantly think they can just move in. Most recently was my best mates ex boyfriend. Who I found sleeping in my bed on return from the police station. Why? Because the fucking police gave him the new keys to the new front door while I was in bloody custody!

Thankfully, he got arrested this morning for breaching probation. He cockily strolled into my living room this morning with 2 police officers trailing behind him and smirked at me while stating “the police are here for you. I let them in”.

My stomach dropped and I froze in terror. But quickly cracked up laughing when the 2 officers turned around and said “no, we’re here to arrest you for breaching probation mate.”

I have to admit though, it shook me. Fuck that, it TERRIFIED me. The thought of another 20 plus hours laying in a cold cell on a concrete bed and thin waterproof mattress, puking my guts up from anxiety and stress. Panicking about being put in prison accidentally because the police had got things so monumentally wrong.

Anyway back to the original point. My little, grotty one bedroom flat might well be located in the most dangerous part of the city. I may well be an easy target for every drug dealer/criminal/homeless junkie that decide they are going to move in with me. But I’ve made it my HOME. And the reason I ended up here is because I had 30 days to move out my last place, with nowhere but this dump to rent. I didn’t ever want to be in another 30 day situation. Now I am.

The police have let me down more than I ever thought possible. They’ve literally ruined my life.

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