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Getting Nasty

Mr boss man has been getting nastier by the day.

I called him sobbing down the phone begging him to stop using my home as a trap house. I pleaded with him to leave me alone and stop turning up with drug dealers who I don’t know from adam and are violent criminals; the majority of them all on licence with upcoming court cases for drugs or stabbings. I cried and cried. I don’t get paid for this; I would never accept payment for my home to be used as a drug dealing base. This gang of lads have bled me dry, made me physically ill, refused to let me leave my flat. They have made my life worse than hell. I’m always sat on edge, paranoid and terrified. My home and possessions are destroyed. I don’t have keys to my own flat for God’s sake. I’m cut off from everyone. Since moving into this flat at the end of February I still have not slept in my own bed yet. I have to be so, so careful about covering my tracks with the internet, text messages, call logs, emails, and even what I say and how I word things.

A couple of months ago Mr boss man bought in yet ANOTHER worker. I said hello and the new guys response was- and I quote- “oh, do we talk to that”, while he looked me up and down with disgust.

Too often I’ve gone hungry because I’ve had to sacrifice feeding myself in order to feed them as once I’ve paid for their food (I don’t have a choice in the matter); I can’t afford to feed myself. In 5 months I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10. I’m malnourished, weak, dehydrated, lethargic and very very sick. I need to see a doctor desperately.

I’ve been groped, sexually assaulted, threatened with knives.

They have taken away my dignity, made me feel ashamed and useless. I’ve been humiliated, ignored, and am told how weak and pathetic I am. My choices, decisions, views and opinions have all been taken away. I’m ordered around, have to answer to demands and am treated like a dirty, junkie skivvy. They have taken every last penny from me, manipulated me and lied to me constantly. They laugh at me behind my back and find every opportunity to take advantage of me. I’ve been disrespected, used, abused and stabbed in the back.

They have broken me. Physically and mentally.

Today Mr boss man wanted more money. I have 61p in my bank. He demanded that I “find the money”, told me to “stop making excuses”. Made me show him my bank statements and took my cards off me. (I’ve ordered 13 replacement cards over the course of 5 months). He came to mine repeatedly asking if I had the money yet. All the while one of the trappers was sat here keeping an eye on me. I explained there is no more money. He had taken it all. I had 61p and no more.

He went BALLISTIC. Went on about everything he’s done for me- I burst out laughing I couldn’t help it. I asked what he’d done for ME. He had no answer so pointed an invisible gun at my head.

Tomorrow is the end. The day I am released. 3 Crimestoppers forms, a link to this blog via email to the victim and witness hub and 3 police visits for different matters all together and I’m STILL trapped.

So tomorrow it stops. I free myself of this world. Of my mind. Of these people. Im done.

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