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The police are closing in on me. But do they really think after 4 drug raids, multiple arrests; each one accompanied by a 24 hour stint in police custody, and their sly, underhanded tactics being the cause of losing my home, gaining a criminal record, terrifying an elderly family member and dragging my friends into matters by arresting them too- that I am going to continue to let them cause chaos in my life? Always sat on edge, wondering when the next battering ram is going to come through my front door? Avoiding having baths just in case I happen to be in one at that time.

All my bank accounts bar one have been closed. My PayPal account is frozen. Other incidents I won’t go into have also been occurring.

With regards to my reference to ‘bank accounts’ in plural; the reason behind going from one account opened at birth, to thirteen within the space of a year. This was as a result of being imprisoned in my own home by a gang of violent drug dealers. My phone was monitored by the gang members and used to send messages that would implicate me in their criminal activities. My finances; debit cards, PIN numbers and online banking were all controlled by the gang. My debit cards used to purchase knives and other weapons, my online banking used to transfer money to individuals I didn’t know, my PIN number to make regular cash withdrawals of large sums of money. All the money was mine. It consisted of benefits, housing benefit and family and friends sending me funds to help me out.

If there wasn’t enough money. The gang members would physically torture me until I came up with it. I would be slapped round the face, denied food and sleep deprived, threatened verbally and with weapons, and my phone was used by the gang members who would pretend to be me, to send messages to individuals asking them to help me out financially. All my bills went unpaid, which quickly mounted sending me spiralling into debt. I lost nearly 6 stone in 8 months due to lack of food.

Anyway, my point was; because I wasn’t allowed out of my flat, I couldn’t reach my post downstairs. But I still opened bank account after bank account in the hope I would be able to get my hands on the letters containing the card, PIN number and online banking details. My intention to keep it secret and therefore regain control.

I did the same thing by downloading an app that would give you a separate mobile number for a few quid. Then changed the app icon to a calculator. Meanwhile crossing my fingers none of the gang would use the ‘calculator’ on my phone.

In the police interview when the officer read out messages supposedly from me, the difference in grammar was highly amusing. Words were spelled the opposite from how I spell them by the gang members. Like ‘lickle’, and ‘fone’ and ‘urs’. They used slang I don’t know the meaning of like ‘fam’, ‘p’s’, ‘yes my g’, and ‘shank’.

I have years of bank statements making repeated payments to the same businesses. Like Deliveroo, Amazon, eBay and Asda. Then those payments cease to exist and switch to JD Sports, Lycamobile and online weapon stores. Occasional cash withdrawals for similar amounts turn into daily withdrawals for quadruple the amounts.

So, from my side- should cash points use CCTV, not one withdrawal from an account in my name be made by me. There IS a way of tracing back the online referrals I made via CRIMESTOPPERS (just to verify, 13 Give information submissions, emails to the Victim and Witness Hub and Victim Support, chat logs of the web chats I’ve had with the police, this blog, neighbours who can verify I was not seen once throughout the seven month period, friends who can back up what was happening, drastic changes in behaviour patterns financially, my prescription stopped, benefits stopped, bills gone unpaid, purchases from places I’ve never bought from. The police won’t have any surveillance of me associating with the gang members, involvement in their criminal activity, dealing drugs. Nothing other than a handful of text messages from a number linked to me, but blatantly obvious that I haven’t written them. Then there’s the shocking change in my appearance over the exact period my home was taken over.

And I’ve been 100% transparent with them from day one. I’ve been honest, involved, willing to help. I just can’t comprehend how the police could POSSIBLY believe that I am anything other than a victim of circumstance.

And let’s just remember that I have a Grammar School education, a degree, no previous criminal record or involvement with the police EVER in my life.

Their utter incompetence is pitiful.

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