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[ wag-wan ]

Wagwan is a way to say "What's going on?". The term is also used as a greeting. 

"wagwan bruv, where you been?"


[ ban-do ]

A bando is an individuals home used by drug dealers, as a base to commit criminal activity from.

"meet me back at the bando"


[ sh-anc ]

A shank is another word for a knife. "To shank someone" means to stab. 

"I'm gonna shank this guy up!"

g pack

[ gee-pack ]

A g-pack is a term which refers to a quantity of drugs amounting to £1,000 in value. The drugs are usually split into individual £10 wraps.

"I need to sell this g-pack"


[ shot-er ]

A shotter is usually a young teenager or lower level gang member who work on the streets dealing drugs on behalf of the gang leader.

"I shot drugs to the customers"


[ cuck-ooing ]

Cuckooing is a method used by a County Lines gang, to forcefully take over the home of a vulnerable person to use as their base.

"This individual has been cuckooed"


[ cr-eps ]

Crepes are slang for trainers. Another word often used to refer to trainers is "bumpers".

"bruv, what d'yer think of my new crepes?"


[ st-rap ]

A strap or 'piece' refers to a gun. Usually a pistol of some sort.

"I'm taking the strap out to roll up on the next man"


[ y-oot ]

A yout is a definition for a young person. Normally age 16 or under.

"This yout knows nothing about shotting"


[ el-derr ]

An elder is a definition for an older person. An elder will refer to a yout, and a yout will refer to the elder.

"Listen up yout, you need to respect your elders"


[ cl-owt ]

Clout is a term used to define an individual who has a higher level of respect and influence over others.

"Don't cause that guy any trouble, he's got more clout than you."


[ sa-vey ]

Savvy is a word used to describe someone who is switched on, with equal levels of street sense and business sense.

"You gotta make sure you're savvy enough to work on my line."


[ con-siyn-ment ]

On consignment is a term used when a drug dealer is given drugs to sell on a loan-type basis. Rather than paying for the drugs up front, the supplier is paid once the drugs have been sold.

"I'm getting an ounce on consignment."


[ boo-kee ]

This stands for something or someone considered strange/out of the ordinary. If something or someone is considered booky- be wary

"Yo, he's lookin all booky- man's thinks undercover fed"

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