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Excuses Excuses!

It pains me to say this, but teenagers are fully aware of what is right and wrong. They know what they are doing. Their actions are premeditated and well thought out. Adults may believe the youngster is being manipulated; but often it's the other way round.

If you have been on the receiving end of a teenager spewing out one of the phrases written below; ask yourself- who's the one being manipulated?

  • "Is it cos I is black/white? You is a racist man!"

  • "How could it be me when I go church every Sunday? It's totally against my religion enit"

  • "I was at my grandma's funeral! What; you calling me a liar?!"

  • "Nah way bruv, I only got released from custody three hours ago"

  • "Are you sure it weren't my brother/sister? We look almost the same ya know"

  • "Why would I steal something that CRAP when I got the p's to pay for it!"

  • "How can you think I is shotting drugs when I don't even take em"

  • "Don't accuse me of that shit when you don't even KNOW me"

  • "Teachers don't know nothin. I get a better education on the street than in school"

  • "I don't need GCSE's, I got street smarts enit. I is gonna be a entrepreneur"

  • "You can't arrest me, I'm dyslexic AND I got ADHD"

  • "If you give me detention/put me in the cells- I'll hurt myself"

  • "I have a predisposition to crime cuz I is adopted"

  • "If you arrest me, I'll tell the social you hurt me"

  • "Buy me a McDonalds and I'll talk to you"

  • "Give us a cigarette and I'll give you names"

  • "Listen yeah, you is all fucked cos I is gonna ring CHILDLINE!"

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