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I mean, I have to give it to the police. They have annihilated every drug dealer in the surrounding area!

I became very acquainted with the crime section of the local newspaper in the months after my home was taken over. I’d read all the articles that were to do with drugs, in the desperate hope I’d see something which would reassure me the police were getting closer. A familiar street name, an arrest, a raid in the area, anything that would give me hope I’d be rescued. It sounds so dramatic now time has passed!

Anyway, I’d noticed the police seemed to be methodically working their way through the city, picking drug dealers off one by one. I noticed because each time the police made their move it was completely unexpected, normally the drug dealers are way ahead of the game! By that, I mean every undercover police officer is spotted, every drug raid is predicted, every unmarked police car is identified and likewise with regards to their timing, tactics and strategies. They’ve always lagged behind the dealers, slow and obvious. So obviously, it surprised me to read that the police were catching them out for once.

But over the past 6 weeks since I was raided, everything has just sort of gone back to normal. The police have blended into the background, the arrests and raids have fizzled out, the drug dealers have flooded back into the centre of things and the usual turf wars, takeovers and petty squabbling started up again.

Until 2 days ago…

I’m not exaggerating when I say that every dealer in the city got taken down. As did their runners. Any out of town dealers have disappeared. COMPLETELY. That’s never happened before. I’m born and raised here, and I’ve been a drug addict for nearly 10 years. Phones get switched off for an afternoon, numbers are changed, new runners are hired, locations are moved… that’s it. NEVER have I seen numbers disconnected, dealers disappear, locations written off and runners written off. NEVER have I seen such panic and paranoia. NEVER have I seen old school dealers, hardened criminal dealers, out of town dealers just QUIT!

Respect to the feds! Enit!

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