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Dial-A-Dealer! - for professionals

Raising awareness and educating the public about County Lines, proves awkward when the consequences for those involved, are so serious, there's no other option but to remain silent.

Even more so now so many victims who have suffered at the hands of County Line gangs, are being prosecuted as severely as the gang members themselves.

Imagine if you could Dial-A-Dealer, and ask an ex County Lines boss for all the inside info. How is a County Line run? What tactics are used to avoid arrest? What are drug dealers paid?

Imagine if you could Quiz-A-Runner about exploitation, violence, and justice. Gain invaluable insight into the world of County Lines from the youngest gang members perspective.

Imagine if you could Ask-A-Victim about how they fell prey to a County Lines gang? What lead up to the event? What was the final outcome?

Dial-A-Dealer Quiz-A-Runner Ask-A-Victim

Please note this page is password protected and for professional use only. Use the link below to gain access.

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