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Decisions decisions…

I have come to the big decision, that before I go flinging myself in front of any trains, I mares as well make my life even worse.

Making the decision to ‘fuck the police up the arse’ and complain to the IOPC was…stupid. It’s just got their knickers in a twist, they’ve thrown their dummy out of the pram, and fucked me up the arse ten times as hard. But I’m a fuck up. Walking Sod’s Law. A class-A wanker. So what do I expect really?

The police are a professional government authority right? And the vast majority of the government are kiddy fiddlers, woman beaters, drug addicts, sex addicts, dodgy motherfucker’s in some way shape or form. Downright BENT. So I had to expect this kind of juvenile, petty, pathetic, reaction off a police force made up of similar numpty’s- all on the job for one of three reasons:

  1. The power Trip

  2. The free drugs

  3. The reassurance and absolute certainty they will get away with whatever crimes they choose to commit.

So, in class-A wanker fashion, I have decided that there’s no WAY I’m being defeated by the police. You want to get awkward? I can get awkward too!

I am appealing the IOPC’s decision. Making a complaint against the IOPC. If the IOPC won’t take action for neglect and failure in duty- i’ll do it privately. AND add several counts of psychological trauma, harassment, and the cause of PTSD to the list. I cannot WAIT for the lab results to come back for the Intent to Supply charge…oh the laughing stock the police will be trying to charge someone for Intent to Supply their own antidepressants! I will be your worst nightmare in custody! Because let’s face it…you will arrest me repeatedly for the rest of my life over something or other entirely fictional for DARING to complain!

I’ll tell you the best bit though. The piece de resisdence if I could fucking spell it! The previous 3 times you’ve used your battering ram to pile through my door, yelling and shouting, with your smirks plastered over your faces and stab vests on…you’ve outdone yourselves. Because the thing is, I never got the doors fixed after the first raid. I’m afraid to admit I’m not sat on my sofa crying with terror. I’m sat on my sofa crying with tears of mirth and laughter. You didn’t so much as have to push down a door handle to gain entry. The force needed never required a battering ram, you literally could have blown the door down. A 2 year old toddler blowing from 3 meters away would be enough to do it. But you just CAN’T fucking resist can you!

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