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Decision Time

I’ve made a decision, and that’s not to listen to anymore solicitors.

The police need to know the truth. I’m sick of doing the “no comment” bollocks, and the “right to remain silent” shit.

Since I was released from custody two days ago I’ve looked at my situation from every angle, and right now I look guilty as hell. When I’m not! Yes I know i’m taking a HUGE risk by coming forward and telling the police the truth. Because there is every likelihood they won’t believe me. But the questions they asked me in the police interview which I took my solicitors advice on and took the ‘no comment’ approach to- I can answer. The only problem is, I can answer those questions, but I can’t prove what I’m saying is true.

However, surely giving the police answers, even if I can’t prove what I’m saying is the truth, is better than sitting back and letting them presume otherwise. If I look at the situation from their perspective, if I read the paperwork, I’d be presuming the same!!

A perfect example is the money laundering business. The paperwork shows I have 13 bank accounts. If I looked at paperwork showing somebody had 13 bank accounts; I’d be thinking exactly the same! That individual is money laundering!

Yet the truth is, the consequences of the gang of drug dealers who took over my home, who held a knife to my neck demanding the PIN number to my bank card. Who then took control of my bank account. Even though I reported the card stolen or lost 23 times in one month. Yet never succeeded getting my hands on the new card before they did- thus allowing them to use the card freely purchasing items online or withdrawing money from the account. Was the reason for the 13 bank accounts. I gave up ordering new cards to the one account. Instead, I desperately attempted opening new bank accounts without their knowledge. Except it didn’t work. Every bank account I opened. The gang found out about- and each of those bank accounts, the gang took control of.

But the police don’t know that. And if I was the police and I didn’t know that, I’d be presuming the same as them. But I have no way of proving the above is the truth.

Another example is the text messages the gang used to send from my phone to themselves. They’d take my phone, and send messages as though they were from me to themselves. Why? Because I used to bombard them with messages saying things like “get the fuck out of my home”, “I don’t want you here, get out of my home”- i’d bombard them with messages begging, pleading, demanding, them to leave. So of course those messages I sent made it very obvious I did not have them in my home voluntarily. So the gang members were instructed to take my phone, and send messages stating otherwise. Of course the police now have texts from my number which I never sent which make me look complicit in their criminal activity. Can I prove that? Again, no. But again, if I was the police reading the messages the gang members sent, not having the explanation that I DIDN’T SEND THEM- i’d presume the same.

The whole situation is FUBAR- Fucked Up Beyond All Belief.

I am adamant about telling the police my side of the story. However, if they don’t believe me, which is highly probable because I can’t give them any evidence to believe what I’m saying. I can state with absolute certainty, I will take my own life.

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