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Déjà vu

I have a serious case of déjà vu. Or maybe history repeating itself.

He’s back.

The one and only. He himself who took over my home by barging past me, declaring he was surely going to die from the freezing cold snow on my doorstep otherwise.

My flat is already destroyed. The bad boys are back and my flat has gone from acceptable to chaos. Glasses are smashed, food is littered all over the place, clingfilm and baggies are strewn across the floor, everything is just trampled on and broken.

Mr Boss man is back on the scene every day now. I’m being disrespected, ignored, demands are being made, my money has gone already. I am not being dramatic when I say I am being treated worse than a dog.

There was a drug raid earlier fairly close to here. I got my hopes up temporarily but haven’t seen so much as a blue flashing light.

Im exhausted. Round and round we go.

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