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Court, Complaints and a Criminal Record

Fuuuuuck!!!! 12 measly buggering shots worth £100 and this is the consequence;

  1. 2 drug raids and 2 arrests totalling over 40 hours in a police cell.

  2. Kicked out of my home onto the streets.

  3. 6 months on and I still haven’t been prosecuted.

  4. Not 1 but 3 court hearings and ‘multi-agency’ involvement; even though I have no criminal record.

  5. 6 Crimestoppers reports, 2 police web chats, a daily blog and emails to Victim Support and the local Victim and Witness Hub pleading for help went ignored. Yet the IOPC have decided there is “no case to answer to” and the police have not failed me in any way shape or form.

No wonder the justice system is a joke. No wonder solicitors are so expensive. No wonder the police are understaffed and overworked. No wonder re-offending rates are ludicrously high. No wonder prisons are being privatised.

What a fucking joke!!!!

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