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After I was held hostage in my own home for 7 long months, by a gang of violent drug dealers, and 13 pleas for help via different means had gone unnoticed; the realisation dawned that the police were using me as bait.

The term “bait” means exactly what it says in the dictionary. The police had been after this gang for years, but with no success. So when they became aware of my circumstances- very early on, they had two options;

  1. Respond to my desperate attempts for help, raid my home, and arrest the gang. However, even I knew at that stage the gang would never be prosecuted and bought to justice. The lack of evidence combined with the word of a drug addict vs a non drug addict (you can reach your own conclusion about that one)- would result in nothing more than the gang members being released under investigation and the investigation eventually dropped. Not only that, the gang would then be forewarned about the police’s involvement and would take extra precautions to ensure they wouldn’t be caught. Consequently making the police’s job of catching them almost impossible from that point onwards.

  2. Overlook my pleas for help for as long as was plausible, and use me- who they perceived as nothing more than a naïve, vulnerable junkie- living alongside the gang members. Invariably, this would result in me inadvertently soaking up a lot of information, which would almost certainly be enough for the police to use to succeed in their goal of prosecuting the gang members. The police could take all the credit and be praised for their achievement, because who would believe the word of a naïve junkie?

The police chose Option 2, and they successfully managed 7 months of plausible deniability. For those 7 months, I can picture the police basking in the cocksure knowledge that their plan couldn’t fail, and when their big result became public knowledge; the population of the city would be so reassured of the police’s competence- the city’s residents would show their utmost respect for their local constabulary.

However, the police didn’t take into account that I may not be the gullible junkie they thought I was. They didn’t take into account that some junkies don’t lose all their morals, principles and beliefs. They didn’t take into account that my morals dictated that tittle-tattling, snitching, grassing- whatever you want to call it- WASN’T ACCEPTABLE.

I’m aware you’re probably questioning my sanity right now. All I’ll say to that is;

Opinions may change, morals stand firm.

My opinion is different to my morals. My opinion is that I deserved justice, the gang members deserved to be severely punished. I had far more information than the police would have dreamed of. I had the power to put each gang member behind bars for the rest of their lives and then some…but that meant I had to compromise my moral beliefs and grass on the gang. Hand over the information I had gained to the police. A team of officers who ignored 13 desperate pleas for help, apparently ‘accidentally’ arresting the victim rather than the criminal? A team of officers who became so bitter, vengeful and enraged upon hearing my refusal to share any information with them- they spent the next year making their anger clearly apparent to me. Nine drug raids, nine arrests, one eviction, one prosecution, a criminal record and a reputation as a grass and a fantasist…they STILL weren’t finished with making my life utter hell. Solely for the purposes of making their resentment against me very obvious.

Their actions as a police constabulary were pitiful. So pitiful in fact, I made a complaint to the Board of Professional Standards. Professional Standards acknowledged the severity of gross misconduct, and assigned an investigating officer to the case. Three counts of neglect and failure in duty. A year later, I received the final report. It was mostly blacked out, extremely vague, and to be blunt- fucking comical.

The start of the report acknowledged the forces gross misconduct. Agreed there was failure and neglect in duty on their part. Were so horrified by the subject of the complaint- it was hiked up from local resolution to the very top of the Professional Standards Board immediately. Two thirds of the way through the report, when the police force in question were made aware of the complaint, the investigating officer’s opinion of the police’s misconduct went from “the force in question are abominable, to, the complainant is a drug addict and fantasist”. The comical aspect was the absolute lack of subtlety. The outcome? The police had nothing to answer to, they behaved appropriately in every area and in an acceptable manner. The complainant needs a reality check, and is a drug addict.

I know you’re puzzled as to the reason I’m writing this now. I’ll be honest, I’ve been too much of a pussy to read the whole report in detail until now. As soon as I saw most of the report blacked out halfway through, and read ‘nothing to answer to’ on the last page; I was consumed with misery and broke into a thousand pieces. Tomorrow I’m going to post the report in all it’s glory. I just need a few hours to ensure no names are named! Morals stand firm. Opinions change.

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