• County Lines

Catching the Big Fish

Bravo! Round of applause! It may be four years since the term 'County Lines' became widespread, but the police have finally caught some of the Big Fish; the County Lines bosses.

It's easy to differentiate between the Big Fish and the Little Fish. The Big Fish are in possession of machine guns- not imitation BB guns. The Big Fish have bricks of class-a drugs stashed behind their toilet- not a bag full of individual wraps. The Big Fish are being given fifteen year sentences- not fifteen months suspended for two years.

Disappointingly, the vulnerable individuals preyed on by these gangs, are still receiving harsh consequences.

There are two types of Cuckooing;

  1. Voluntary

  2. Non-voluntary

The voluntary victims willingly allow County Lines gangs into their home, and negotiate payment in exchange for the gangs to use their property to commit criminal activity from. Payment is usually in the form of drugs- which feeds the victims habit. In my personal opinion; these victims aren't exploited, but manipulated and highly manipulative themselves.

The non-voluntary victim's homes are forcefully entered by the County Lines gangs, the victim receives no form of payment, and are often subject to abuse and exploitation.

How do you tell the difference between the two types of victims? Obviously that's yet to be figured out...

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