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Can I Scream Any Louder?

I am thoroughly and utterly disgusted with Mr Boss Man. He sent the 14 year old kid to Birmingham today- on his OWN- to reload. That’s using the kid as a fully fledged drugs mule right?

Not only that, it occured to me today that this kid is working throughout the night in the worst part of town. Forced to take a knife out with him to protect himself.

I had a tantrum yesterday, threatened to call the police on Mr Boss Man. So he sent the dealers to another house through last night and today. A proper junkies house, where they demand payment and don’t give a shit about a 14 year old kid drug dealing. They get excitement out of having a gang of violent drug dealers trap from their home imagining all the free drugs. I don’t know how much they get in payment, and I don’t want to know. I have never been given payment and was told should I ever ask- I’d regret it. I’d never ever sink so low as to exchange the use of my home for free drugs.

I find it really distressing to know that they are doing this voluntarily and being shown some small amount of respect by being paid, yet they will never lose their home because they live in a council house. All the while knowing that I am trapped completely unwillingly, abused and disrespected, will almost certainly lose my home because I rent privately and probably end up with a criminal record too. Distressing doesn’t even come close to how I feel actually. Traumatised, broken and all consuming thoughts of suicide is closer.

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