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Calpol was my downfall

Every drug addict is weighed down by guilt. We take drugs to blank out and numb the pain caused by other people's actions, not realising that the effects of drugs cause us to act in the same way. It's a vicious circle. In typical fashion, my brain decided that my viscous circle had to be brighter and fancier than everyone else's; which is why, and I shit you not, I am feeling guilty about a childhood memory, that I vividly recall due to the comical aspect rather than the guilt. Let me explain... I was about 7 or 8 when I feigned some non existent illness to my mum for the sole purpose of getting my hands on the sickly, sweet, strawberry Calpol in the medicine cabinet. My plan failed miserably, and this is what prompted my mum to angrily shout; "YOU'LL END UP AS A BLOODY DRUG ADDICT WHEN YOU'RE OLDER"

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