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Breeched or Breached?

Either way I breeched/breached a court summons for the “possession of a quantity of diamorphine”.

16 hours later I was handcuffed and sat in a holding cubicle in police custody. A very familiar experience now. Contemplating how to occupy the next 23 hours in a cell.

The morning after my arrest- Saturday, I was shackled and led to a prison bus dropped at a court some distance away.

I morosely sat on the wooden bench underneath the courts waiting to be called mentally kicking myself for letting my fear, agoraphobia, and laziness get in the way of attending court when I had been summoned to attend.

Long story short, I was handed a train ticket back to the city I live in. Given a transparent bag full of my property and pointed towards the direction of the station.

The “possession of a quantity of diamorphine” was 3 wraps (£20 worth) found in a sofa cushion in a search of my flat in February. Thus the law states as the legal tenant- I’m in possession of it.

My solicitor advised to plead guilty so I didn’t have to return for a trial. But I refused to plead for something I wasn’t guilty of. So a trial date was set for October 9th. This gives the police time to gain fingerprint and DNA evidence off the 3 wraps. Which won’t be mine.

I also have my boyfriend laid in hospital after being stabbed multiple times by his ex-mrs. Who wanted revenge I guess for him and I being together. As he was drowning in his own blood I was in a police cell. The times I’m arrested are most inconvenient.

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