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Breaking Point

I’m at breaking point. The hoards of junkies loitering in front of my flat, some actually gaining entry to the building, then brazenly sitting in my communal stairway smoking crack, aren’t helping.

To add insult to injury- the drug dealer who lives across the street who these groups of gutter scum are waiting for, won’t serve me! Tosser!

I have a best friend I despise. A kid living with me who is categorically forbidden to see me, let alone live under the same roof as me! Unfortunately technique of emotional blackmail, guilt trips and threats of suicide have me stuck between a rock and a hard place. I still don’t know if I’m being prosecuted for drug dealing. I DO know the gang who trapped me certainly aren’t. They are still selling drugs! I don’t go out anymore; ironic really- all those months dreaming of freedom. Now I have it, I’m a agoraphobic hermit. Frankly, I don’t trust myself. The bitterness, resentment, outrage over my situation and trauma from the past year mean every time I step outside; the urge to step in front of a lorry, throw myself in front of a train or jump off a bridge is a stronger than the craving for drugs.

I have been trapped yet AGAIN by a 15 year old boy who KNOWS he’s not allowed to be at mine, let alone have any interaction with me. If I don’t let him in all hell breaks loose. This is what he’s done so far to emotionally blackmail and threaten and intimate me to get in;

  1. He has stood buzzing my intercom which is as loud as a fire alarm for 1 HOUR AND 50 MINUTES STRAIGHT.

  2. He’s kicked the door to the building in.

  3. He secretly made a copy of my flat keys and won’t give them back.

  4. He’s guilt tripped me with committing suicide if I make him leave.

  5. Last night he threatened to call the social services on me because I refuse to let him stay. Then when I wouldn’t give into him, he informed me that he was going to make a load of accusations about me to the social services to get me into trouble.

  6. He lets his father in my flat. Who was the person who not only put the rock through my window, but also tried to stab me with a kitchen knife at the beginning of last year.

  7. He sends me messages that have said “fuck you” and called me an “idiot”.

  8. On 4 occasions, if I’ve refused to give him money for a haircut, new tracksuit or buy takeaway; he has punched a hole in my wall, smashed things, stolen some of my things and rings his mum asking how she could abandon him with a “dirty crack head junkie”.

  9. He repeatedly states he is going to put himself in voluntary care.

And all of this because after his mum used the same tactics on Christmas Day- I have put my foot down and said he cannot be at mine unless its legitimately.

All this started in June when he outright refused to go on holiday with his family. My friend was stuck; especially because at that time he was living in a shed, running away, expelled from school, under a youth offending program as a result of getting arrested, and extremely violent- often smacking his mum and little sister about.

I stepped in and agreed to let him stay while she was away. Which was hugely problematic due to the gang of drug dealers living in my home.

I did my best. He is HUGELY opposed to drugs. He DESPISES them. So I knew that side of things wouldn’t be a risk. And I possibly went a little OTT by making him do a drug test everyday! I gave him my bedroom which was off limits to the gang. It became his room which was secured by a lock. I ensured he had enough pocket money so the gang couldn’t lure him into drug dealing using money as an incentive; not that he would have been persuaded anyway. He loathes drugs and wont have anything to do with anyone who uses them (aside from me and his mum which is begrudgingly). I got him a gym membership to keep him occupied, installed a location tracker on his phone, monitored his call records and I began tutoring him in the subjects he did at school.

I did a good deed, a favour for my best friend, made the best out of a bad situation and went to great lengths to keep him safe, ensure he had very little interaction with the gang, absolutely no exposure to the drugs, weapons and other paraphernalia while simultaneously doing everything I could to make a positive difference in his attitude, education and poor relationship with his mum.

But after my friend came back from her hols, he wouldn’t leave. And my friend wasn’t interested what he did.

Then I got raided and he was in my home at the same time. Subsequently, not only was I arrested but he was too.

The social services banned contact with me. Though I was nothing more than a victim of a crime, and had made such a positive difference in the kids life, they branded me a danger to him. They accused me of grooming him to become a drug dealer and are adamant this is the case. They believe I am a drug dealer. They hint at the possibility I’m a paedophile which is disgusting, and have debates as to what my ulterior motive might be if this isn’t the case.

But they won’t know until they look. I have rang them, emailed them and even written to them- not only pleading with them to undertake every background check available. I have explained I was a victim of cuckooing and attached pictures of the complaints to the police about reaching out for help over the course of 8 months on 6 separate occasions and being ignored. I have even admitted it was ME who made the referral to their department because I was so concerned about the welfare of my friends children at the time of submitting it.

The social services have access to records, have my permission to do some background digging, have a full explanation of the incident and copies of the complaints I made against the police for ignoring me for 8 months. But I’ve not received a single response and they have not carried out a single check. And this is the problem. After the blackmail from my friend on Christmas Day, and the kid not seeming to want to budge and go home, and the effect the worry, anxiety and panic is having on my mental health- I am not taking the risk anymore of communicating with him, let alone under my roof when the consequences of doing a good deed could ruin my life.

However, I am utterly utterly shocked to beyond the end of his emotional blackmail and threats which is identical to what his mum does to me if SHE DOESN’T GET HER OWN WAY!

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