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Im downright embarrassed at the moment.

How HOW am I trapped by a gang of teenagers HALF my age? I feel like I’m playing a game of whack-a-mole. As soon as I get rid of one gang member- another one pops up.

I’m having less and less time to myself and the only times I can write on here are when I’m alone. The days and weeks are starting to all roll into one. Every day begins the same and ends the same. It’s relentless. Someone once taught me how to trick my brain into not recognising a word by saying that word out loud repeatedly. Eventually that word begins to sound completely foreign. Well I have literally got to the stage where that is becoming a regular occurrence for me. Words such as ‘leave’/’stop’/’please’ are beginning to sound foreign because I am saying them in sentences like “please stop doing this to me. Just leave” every day, all day over and over again.

When I saw the campaign with regards to cuckooing on the Crimestoppers website however, my spirits were lifted immediately. But because I’m totally cut off from the outside world and rarely listen to the radio or watch TV; I have no idea if its raising people’s awareness. My degree in advertising and brand promotion taught me the outcome of a successful campaign would be everybody talking about it. Are people talking? All I can hear is deafening silence…

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