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Arrested again…

I was rudely awoken at 7am yesterday morning to the sound of a police battering ram breaking down my door. I don’t even flinch nowadays, my heart doesn’t skip a beat, I don’t get sweaty palms or feel sick with anxiety. I just sort of begrudgingly accept it. Think ‘here we go again….’

I was arrested for conspiracy to supply drugs this time, I mean hell, it’s the only drug charge left what with intent, possession and concern; all which I’ve so far been arrested for. To add insult to injury, I was also arrested for money laundering and the handling of stolen goods.

I have to admit, I nearly burst out laughing. A couple of times in the police interview I had to stop myself. Their theories, questions, assumptions, accusations were LUDICROUS and utterly, utterly comical.

They wanted to know why I had booked over 60 hotel stays since 2017. Their assumption was that I was meeting drug dealers, or doing some sort of criminal activity during my stay. I wanted to scream at them “I WAS BEING CUCKOOED BY A GANG OF VIOLENT DRUG DEALERS. THOSE WERE MY ATTEMPTS AT RUNNING AWAY BECAUSE YOU IGNORED ALL MY PLEAS FOR HELP YOU INCOMPETENT PLONKERS”.

They also wanted to know why I had a box full of shirts in my flat which they had confirmed were stolen, which amused me considering they hadn’t bought that up during the numerous other raids. Was I handling stolen goods? Was I fuck! The box of bloody shirts were in the flat when I moved in and the box being too heavy for me to move has meant it’s remained there since the day I moved in.

The money laundering business, where the fuck do I start? I was an escort, call girl, prostitute for 9 odd years. My income is from selling my gash for cash. But have I been able to spend a penny of it on myself? Have I fuck. I wish cash machines had facial recognition so they could see that every single last withdrawal has not been made by me! I didn’t get a choice in the matter. The gang took over my life, my home, my finances, everything. They controlled my mobile phone as I’ve said before in this blog making me look complicit, they used my cards to buy things online, they helped themselves. The police wanted to know why I had a total of 13 bank accounts. Why do you think?! Because everytime they managed to gain control of one, I tried to open another without their knowledge. I remember one month I had to declare my debit card as lost/stolen over 25 times- to be sent a new one- just to have it taken off me.

Any money I spent myself was on my extortionately expensive drug habit. Half the names they were throwing at me I hadn’t got a clue to who they were! I NEVER got anything in return for them using my home as their base. They FORCIBLY took over. Unfortunately they never met customers in my home, but went out to meet them, nor did they give me their real names, nor did they ‘bag up’ the drugs in my home, or discuss business in front of me.

So there we go. My life is ruined again. I literally just got the court case over for possession with the judge stating “if I see you back here again you WILL go to prison” and days later, i’m raided, arrested, and charged AGAIN.

The victim. Not the criminal.

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