• County Lines

“Apparently you’re dead and there’s a baby in here”

Is what my landlord said this morning when he came to evict me.

Apparently I’m what now?! If everything was to be believed that has been said over the past year, I’d be a dead, child grooming, dangerous criminal who has a secret baby.

The reality is, I’m nothing. A nobody. I don’t deal drugs or groom children. I’m not a criminal. I’m not dead…yet. And I certainly don’t have a baby.

If someone had warned me a year ago what this tenancy agreement came with I would have HAPPILY chosen the alternative option of slumming it in a hostel until somewhere else turned up.

But nooooo… I had to be a bratty little stuck up snob and take this place, shuddering over the thought of a hostel.

Never thought I’d end up shuddering at the thought of this place and DREAM of living in a hostel!

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