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Apparently I’m not just any old drug dealer…no I’m a CHILD GROOMING drug dealer.

I mean what the fuck?!

It’s so bloody obvious the police think I’m living in la-la land and making it all up, because nothing, absolutely NOTHING has happened to Mr Boss Man and his runners. To add to that, not one word has been spoken about the fact that I’ve spent the past 9 months being trapped by them. Which leads me to conclude that the police think I’m some drug dealing crime boss.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s now being insinuated that I’m grooming children too. My friends 15 year old son has been staying with me off and on since the beginning of July. They weren’t getting along well AT all. So when my friend asked me to have him to stay for a week while she went on a family holiday, I agreed and because I have a great relationship with her son (being as I’m not an ‘un-cool mum’) he stayed put. The gang weren’t a concern because you couldn’t find a kid more opposed to drugs! Slowly his grades have been going up at school, there’s been no disappearing acts and his attitude has hugely improved. But my friend has involvement with the social services, and no, it doesn’t look good that my home was raided for drugs, a stash of drugs were found, and it was being used as a base by a gang of drug dealing criminals! So at a child protection conference the other day, which was attended by social workers and the police- some numpty suggested that I was GROOMING my friends son and implied my relationship with him is ‘weird’. I was horrified! But now I’m FURIOUS! My friend and I were chatting afterwards and she made a very good point; if me and her were lesbian partners, my relationship with her son wouldn’t be an issue. I hate that its 2018 and the majority of the population still have such a judgemental, narrow minded, stereotypical view on the world. But I also hate that drug dealers, rapists, drug addicts, shop lifters and every other type of criminal all act in a manner which give good reason for people to think that way!

I heard that Mr Boss Man ducked out and a new boss has taken over. I also heard that more kids have been employed as runners.

I am numb and miserable and suicidal. I want to know if I’m going to be charged for a situation I was a victim of.

How on earth anybody could be EVIL enough to BE a child grooming drug dealer is beyond me…

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