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And Fail…

So less than 24 hours after I wrote the blog post in relation to rescuing the woman being cuckooed; she fucked off.

Why was I surprised? Seriously.

In the last week I have been evicted from the apartment I had rented for the whole of December. Got kicked out of the hotel I booked due to being evicted, and have somehow landed on other side of the city staying in a flat with two strangers. A combination of verbal diarrhea and social incompetence resulted in calling them both twats within an hour of meeting them; which is subsequently how we bonded so quickly. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend calling a stranger a twat in their home and expect a positive outcome. Only in MY life will that ever happen.

Last week’s roundup…

  1. Found somewhere to live? Check.

  2. Been thrown out within 24 hours? Check.

  3. Banned from another hotel? Check.

  4. Friend points; down 1, up 2. Upside- I didn’t have to pay them to be my friends. Downside- There’s the strong likelihood they are too intimidated to ask for payment.

  5. Random suicide attempt? Check.

Has anything changed? No.

I’m still a homeless junkie on the run with no fucking friends.

Most important matter to resolve over the coming week? Where the fuck to put the 7-ft pink Christmas tree when I have no home. I have a strong feeling of deja vu; wasn’t it this time last year I was trying to resolve how to get a 7-ft Christmas tree into a women’s prison?

Don’t fucking tell me I don’t have an excuse to do drugs.

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