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An Email to my Solicitor

Hi ******,

***** here. I am due at ***** Magistrates Court on the *** of April, however I was supposed to have a report written up by probation before the hearing on ****** of April. Unfortunately, that was the day the bailiffs decided to turn up and turf my arse out of my flat. I did try and ring to let them know except I couldn’t get through to the right department.

By the way, I didn’t actually get evicted once my landlord established I wasn’t dead and hadn’t left a baby in his property. Which is what he’d been told!

Now I’m absolutely convinced there could be a warrant out for my arrest and I’ll go to Prison and will spend the rest of my life in Adidas tracksuits and Nike Air Max trainers. Which is my worst nightmare. Don’t even get me started on the possibility of becoming a lesbian. I’m terrified. What do I do?

I look forward to hearing your reply!

I re-read it and immediately wished I had a flow chart diagram to follow before pressing the ‘send’ button.

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