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I'm thoroughly ashamed to admit this...

Earlier today I was thinking back to being a teenager and what I would have done if County Lines were about then.

I thought of the lonely childhood I had with career driven parents and no siblings. I thought of how isolated I felt at school; cast out and picked on by the other kids. I thought of the part time job I had- slogging my guts out in my free time to make £200 per month. Then I thought of the drug habit I picked up in my mid teens to escape the reality of life, and numb myself to the world. Then I thought back to how much that habit cost!

Would I have been sucked into County Lines like teenagers are today?

Damn right I would have.

Why? Because if I was to put myself in a teenage fame of mind, this is what I'd have thought;

  1. Being part of a gang would have given me a sense of belonging that I craved for.

  2. I'd have respect and the gang would have my back, so school wouldn't have been so bad.

  3. Obviously, I'd do a job earning more money. Especially a job with no recriminations if you're a minor.

  4. The income would have funded my drug habit.

Then it dawned...

Why are so many teenagers becoming involved in County Lines? Sorry, but nine times out of ten it is not exploitation like the government and charities believe!


We are focused so intently on these teenagers being exploited, they are getting away with committing criminal activity. So in their eyes, they aren't doing anything wrong.

In fact kudos to the teenagers of today they're actually being quite logical striving to earn more money, being more proactive than ever by getting themselves out there and working, and are developing far stronger characters by having to look after themselves and defend themselves.

To be honest I don't think this situation will never change when when a 17-year old drug runner gets caught selling drugs and is met with the response "ah poor child".

A 14-year old child county line runner can earn more in 2 months, than your average beat copper earns in a year.

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