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A Year Later

Wow, it’s just hit me that it’s been over a year since I was first raided by the police.

I’m still unaware whether they knew it was me who basically begged them to do so. The only piece of information I gained was that “an anonymous individual provided them with the intelligence” as to the goings-on in my home. When I asked whether they knew this individual was actually ME; they never gave me an answer.

Upon urging the police to look at the intelligence (a.k.a the numerous Crimestoppers referrals, emails and web-chats) in an effort to establish confirmation that it WAS me. I was told that none of that intelligence would be accessible.

A year on… I’m still consumed with just as much rage, bitterness, resentment and disappointment as ever.

There are certain things that I feel very strongly about-

  1. I am adamant that all the reports pleading for police assistance that I submitted to Crimestoppers, the emails I wrote and the other various means I used to beg for help, should be traced and found. I want an answer to how all that intelligence got overlooked. With each referral I submitted, my desperation increased. In the beginning, I was careful to remain anonymous. But I eventually reached the point where I identified myself fully. So why was I treated like a lowlife criminal? I don’t believe the reports I submitted were overlooked. I am convinced that the police received every single one and were fully aware that it was me making them. I KNOW the answer deep down, but I want the police to admit it. I want the police to admit that they used me as bait. They left me imprisoned in my home by a gang of drug dealers for 7 torturous months in the smug knowledge the information I would absorb in that time, would enable them to arrest the gang members. I want the police to admit that when I refused to provide them with that information, and I made a complaint to Professional Standards; they got their knickers in a twist. Why? Because 1. They didn’t get a big result and 2. Had I made their treatment of me public knowledge; it would have been embarrassing, humiliating and downright shameful.

  2. I AM going to make the situation public knowledge. I am going to expose the police. I’m going to give every detail. From the amount of pleas for help I made, to their decision to prosecute a degree educated, vulnerable woman with no criminal record for an offence which shouldn’t have been anything more than a conditional discharge- if that. The relentless harassment by the police and the four consecutive arrests for all manner of ludicrous charges. Specifically the “possession of a quantity of diamorphine” which was thrown out of court as laughable. I’m going to openly admit to the trauma I suffered at the hands of the gang versus the appalling way I’ve been treated by the police. As I can honestly say that my experience with the police has been more traumatising. Predominantly because it’s still ongoing, they are unpredictable, it’s a head-fuck being treated as a criminal when you are a victim, and lastly, there’s only one outcome- bad.

  3. I intend on looking VERY closely at the laws regarding some of the police’s actions. For example; notifying my private landlord about executing a drug raid on the property against my permission is against the rules. As is feeding him incorrect information backed by no evidence. Arresting individuals who are associated with me, but by no means involved is disgraceful. What is utterly disgusting though, is scaremongering my one elderly family member. The impact of which, has resulted in said family member becoming severely ill.

  4. Finally, I am going to make this blog readable by anyone and everyone. Not to humiliate the police, but as a warning to others who may end up on the recieving end of their abhorrent behaviour.

My hope is that the police stop their vendetta against me, stop punishing me for the grudge they hold. Of course it won’t, it will only enrage them further. I don’t give a flying fuck however, the peace of mind it will give me throughout the inevitable next 22 hour stint in a police cell; knowing there will be an audience watching their every movement, is well worth it.

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