• County Lines

A Quick Outline

In February 2018, as I was unlocking the door to the entrance of my building; I was unaware that two males stood behind me until I felt the cold, steel edge of a blade held against the side of my neck. I was ordered to calmly walk upstairs and let myself into my flat pretending everything was normal.

Once inside, my keys were snatched roughly from my hands and for the next 7 months, I was held hostage in my home by a gang of violent county line drug dealers.

I did not allow the gang into my home voluntarily, I did not get paid in exchange for letting them use my flat as a base to commit criminal activity, and 13 desperate pleas via different means for help from the police went overlooked and ignored.

Over the course of those 7 months- I endured horrific abuse by the gang members, my heart broke for the children being exploited, I became enraged with the criminal activity taking place under my roof, I was stunned by the casual way such extreme violence was perceived…

I begged and I pleaded for help from the authorities on the 13 separate occasions I could do so; anonymously and without risking my life.

The outcome?

I, the victim, was arrested. The criminals, went unprosecuted.

Now my aim is to dedicate my life making sure nobody else suffers. Child or adult.

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