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A new home, husband to be, and… happiness???

Yeah right! That’s what you presumed I’d say, correct? Well, you’re wrong.

I’m living in a beautiful one bedroom apartment, overlooking the river of the new city I’m now a resident of. I’m wearing a beautiful, diamond engagement ring; given to me by my fiancé when he asked me to marry him. My heart is filled with love, my head full of dreams, my days spent filled with nothing but sheer contentment and happiness.

No, this is NOT a Class-A, chemically induced hallucination. No, I am not in such shockingly bad denial, I’ve resorted to living in a world of fantasy and fiction. No, I haven’t caught the coronavirus, died, and still think I’m alive. This is my new reality. This is what life is all about…

Just think…it only takes 32 years of shit and crap and misery and torment to get there!!

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