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I totally forgot to update you on my awkward situation. It’s very much sorted. I grew a pair of balls and threw everyone out. Every person trying to back me into a corner, intimidate me and attempt to situate themselves in my home; got their arses firmly booted out the front door.

Of course, I now have those cunts making repeated daily visits. Yelling up at my windows shouting my name, skulking around the property in a right shifty manner, knocking on the front door…no I rephrase that… banging their fists on the door as hard as they can, and this one’s a new tactic I’ve not seen before- making phone calls (fake or otherwise) to talk as loudly and clearly as possible about class-A substances. Their intention I presume is to ‘bait my yard up’.

Spiteful wankers.

I will continue to ignore their pitiful attempts to take over my home to use as a base to conduct their criminal activity from, and begrudgingly ‘rise above’.

(While plotting fantasy revenge scenarios simultaneously)

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