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Are the police reading this? Not ONE of the gang came over today. They SCATTERED.

One of the younger ones rang me about 8 times today saying “there’s undercover police EVERYWHERE, it was nice knowing you- bye!”.

I know there were no undercovers anywhere because nobody reads this fucking thing and I spent 9 months trapped with nobody doing a fucking thing either! But it did make me think how very James Bond!

I also took a stand. But I am thoroughly ashamed of myself and absolutely disgusted of what I did.

Am I fuck!

Mr Boss Man made me hold £500. ALL DAY. And hid an £800 pack of drugs in my electricity cabinet in the porch! Like I explained yesterday, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. What a fucking dilemma hey. Call the police and tell them that I have drug dealers in my house plus a stack of cash plus a grands worth of drugs and explain they aren’t mine. Again.

Like an absolute wanker, that’s just what I did the first time and ended up getting arrested for it, instead of them. Hence my current situation. I mean how much more of a twat can somebody be. I’d call myself a plonker but I’d be being too kind on myself, that was just plain fucking dumb! Maybe a prison sentence is exactly what I deserve for being such a wanker.

So I gave the £500 to a single mother who’s struggling at the moment with Christmas coming up. And casually mentioned to the hordes of junkies that hang around down my street, where to find some free Class-A’s as I walked back from my corner shop.

Mr Boss Man went absolutely crazy. Told me to pay it all back.

But one of his idiotic runners had left a bloody huge kitchen knife in my home earlier on in the day. Armed with that, I acted like a crazy person- started waving the knife in the air and began smashing things. Then I threatened to give my Alexa to the police (she records everything she hears you know, well that’s what I’ve heard but he believed it!). Instead I just gave them their new line number. They scarpered and I haven’t seen them since. No have I ever seen a black man go so white.

This is me when I’m not broken and abused and ruined buy a gang of knife wielding drug dealers who is taking over my home.

And sods law dictates that the first person who will ever read this blog will be a fucking police officer and I’ll get arrested for this too.

I am so past the point of caring because I’m just hysterical at the moment. Go on then try it I’m a gangster now apparently.

Oh I also took an overdose which didn’t work and slit my wrists.

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